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chicago police officer michael bailey good afternoon i am robert jordan in for steve sanders. >>and i'm dina bair. we welcome our viewers who are watching us around the country on wgn america and on the web ... >>24 year-old antwon carter is charged with first-degree murder. he is accused of shooting and killing officer michael bailey during an attempted robbery outside of his south side home in july of last year veteran officer had just
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finished his shift guarding the home of former mayor richard daley officer billy was 62 years old and just about a month from retirement antwon carter was on parole at the time of his murder he was arrested two months later on unrelated carjacking and weapons charges he has been in prison since then for violating his parole >>investigators were at the graveside of a seven year-old murder victim to day as her body was exhumed more than 50 years after she was buried authorities have not said what new evidence they hope to uncover from the body of maria ridolph her casket was removed from a cemetery and sycamore this morning she was abducted and killed in 1957 earlier this month 71 year-old daniel mccullough was charged with her murder her sister such as very upset that the examination but praise investigators will find evidence to bring her killer to justice >>dna evidence has clanked a man
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to a murder that happened 20 years ago steven dixon is accused of the 1991 beating and stabbing death of a 16 year-old girl in that attack the girl was stabbed 12 times in the face dixon was 16 at the time of the murder and had been living in the girl's apartment court records show called case unit detectives like to add to the crime after is dna was matched to evidence from the victim's fingernails and a knife dixon was an inmate at the wisconsin state prison when his mark was issued he is now being held in cook county jail if i turned into gunfire in a family party leaving one person dead and another wounded 17 year-old ne'keisha hodges-hawkins was shot and killed in michigan city sunday night another teenager was also hit and is hospitalized in good condition 18 year-old cameron omar kent has been charged in the shooting police say a fight broke gap between a group of people at the party has built into the parking lot the believe that the girls
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were innocent persons caught in the crossfire the suspect is expected to face the judge tomorrow >>chicago police have been involved in another shooting in the third as many days the latest capital last night on the northwest side near armitage and kilbourn police say an off-duty officer drove up to what he thought was the scene of an accident a driver got out and became angry when the off-duty officer or identify himself police say the man opened the officer's car door with his handedness' waistband police said the officer shot the man he ignored its demands to stop the ministry for a gunshot wound but his injuries and not considered serious a police union spokesman said that there was no weapon defense attorneys in the drew peterson case are claiming victory and an appellate court ruling that bars some here say statements from being used at his murder trial peterson is charged with murdering his third wife kathleen savio yesterday justices ruled the will county
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state's attorney's office filed its appeal to late prosecutors will not be allowed to use some statements made by kathleen savio or petersons fourth wife stacy peterson remains missing prosecutors have long said the statements are critical to their case ... >>if prosecutors appealed to the state supreme court peterson's lawyers said it will ask that he be released from jail until the appeal is concluded >>chicago's first urban wal- mart express stores opened at this morning in the chatham neighborhood nancy loo has a live report ... >>south side residents lined up for two hours before this morning's opening in order to support the store and what it brings to this community >>it's bringing jobs for the young people and that's important the wal-mart expressing west chatham is the first of five chicago store is
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slated to open in the next two years the express stores are a 10th the size of a typical wal- mart supercenter incidently one of those is under construction in west chatham right across from this new express store consumer demand is high in the community residents have long for a competitive shopping destination with fresh produce and groceries wal-mart was eager to meet the demand surviving years of bureaucratic hurdles with the city to deliver with both types of stores >>this express store fits well into the neighborhood it serves a need these are food deserts' that are defined by the fda in these communities >>it's quick year in and out with no long lines we like it >>wal-mart plans to keep the express store open after the opening of the super express center because of consumer demand ...
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>>first the helps debt ceiling bill came up short now if it is the senate's turn the latest on the wrangling over a debt fix ahead of next week's deadline after more than a century and recent scandals the army's flagship hospital prepares to close stores and the white house softens its proposal to increase fuel economy standards much to the liking o
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itst lawmakers, designed to tackle the nation's skyrocketing debt are being examined the congressional budget office said this morning democratic senator harry reid is plan would save 2.2 trillion dollars over 10 years while raising debt cap by
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2.7 trillion dollars. the budget office claims that it would save more than republican speaker john gainers plan which would slash spending by $850 billion over 10 years but the harry reid plan does not meet gop demands that spending cuts exceed any increase in the debt ceiling the house is expected to vote on the bill tomorrow. >>lawmakers have until next tuesday to raise the amount of debt the country can take on board may default on its financial obligations like paying social security or the military >>great britain is expelling the muammar gadhafi diplomats from the libyan embassy in london british officials say the u.k. will recognize the libyan rebel council as the sole government authority there is a follow similar moves by the united states and france. libyan rebels and pro khaddafi forces
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have been fighting since february when rebels revolted against his 42 year rule nato has been forcing the u.n. backed no-fly zone over the country to keep gaddafi's forces from attacking civilians libyan state television has aired footage of what appears to show the lockerbie bomber at a rally in support of muammar gadhafi he was convicted of plotting the 1988 terrorist attack that killed two of its 70 people on a pan am jet over scotland two years ago he was released from prison on compassionate grounds after serving less than he suffers from terminal cancer and was only expected to live for a few months after his release he received a hero's welcome returning to libya in 2009 u.s. senators accused the united kingdom of releasing him early to advance an oil deal with libya >>a ceremony is being held today
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in washington as walter reed army medical center prepares to close stores after more than a century the medical center opened in 1909 over the years hundreds of thousands of wounded troops have been treated there walter reed officially closes its washington campus in september it is moving to a new facility that will be called walter reed national military medical center in bethesda md. ... >>a federal agency says that medical research cannot prove that working at ground zero after the 911 terrorist attacks increase the risk for cancer it's a setback for first responders and their advocates who want to be a compensation fund to pay workers if they developed certain forms of cancer the national institute for occupational softie and health said that said that there is insufficient evidence at this time to add cancer to the list of illnesses that are linked to working at the world trade center site
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>>a protest debts of the white house plans that illinois congressman in jail luis gutierrez joined hundreds of other demonstrators yesterday to protest over president obama's immigration policy the chicago democrat was one of a dozen people arrested could tear as once the president to stop deportation of the undocumented immigrants with roots in the united states including those with american-born children ... could tear as says the president has broad powers that let him decide who can stay and who should be deported ... >>the day's top business stories are coming up next including the one bank is going to deal with its overstock of foreclosed homes for good ... how to break up with your hair stylist we have graceful tips and he shed 60 lbs. on a high-protein diet
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ahead lunch break the owner of the protein
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i'm beejal patel from bloomberg news we have a quick look at the business headlines stocks are lower at this hour between 1 and 2% markets are creeping lower over the past few days because of uncertainty over the debt ceiling issue in the u.s. congress no one is panicking yet the gridlock is driving gold to new heights again today as investors seek safe havens because of a rating downgrade or u.s. default the new high in gold is60 $1,628 per ounce ...
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people fear interest rates going up if there is a default bank of america plans to break up a bulldozer for abandoned houses it cannot sell the houses are being donated to community organizations or helping to demolish them ... 150 are slated for the wrecking ball here in chicago gm is trying to put a spark under the chevy volt hybrid car ... there is heated competition between gm and the
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nissan for those hybrid cars ... what is the latest with the airlines getting a break on their taxes after congress fair to reauthorize the faa ... >>the federal aviation administration said its learning $39 per day in taxes that airlines are supposed to pay the faa and the most airlines are not passing the tax break on to the customers ... airlines are pocketing the difference by raising ticket prices by seven and half percent at least ... >>he or she is your best friend every six or eight weeks your share details about your best times your worst times but it is time to move on so how do you gracefully break up with your
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hair stylist? everybody seems to have this problem ... one man told me he went to the same barber for 17 years he was kind of getting bad clipping his years cutting unevenly ... we spoke to experts who advised us to discuss it first and not to just disappear ... another interesting to try
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another stylist with in the salon ... that's a tough one jennifer ... you're not supposed allyto lie... real professionals probably won't take it personally ... you need to bring in a picture of a look you want if you are
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willing to stay with the same stylist to changeup what's happening ... a lot of them get very attached to you it's a relationship for their business building ... don't worry about her feelings just be honest and tell them what you're issues are ... remember it's just hair we can get through it together ...
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you speak to your hair dresser about some many other things and you can't bring yourself to discuss leaving. for more life lessons like these have gone over to chicago in the wake of some high-profile crimes chicago officials announced the addition of more eyes on the cta that story's coming up next and is your dog as smart as a toddler the new findings about the brain power of man's best friend
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commuters carrying i phone and other gadgets are hot targets for robbers nowadays. >>mayor emanuel and the chicago police department are now looking for better ways to protect riders julian crews has a live report ... >>now comes news of 50 specially dedicated transit police hopefully to be deployed sometime in the fall >>we have early evidence that these rail system patrols are serving as a deterrent that is why we are grateful for the mayor's decision today to create a new dedicated transit beat
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officers and open up the academy to train them ... >>the mayor arrived on the green line to make the announcement at the ashland stock he told reporters about the new cops a special unit will be trained at the chicago police academy supplementing patrolman an undercover police officers he believes the multi pronged effort will deter criminals ... a patchwork of private security end of theoff-duty police patrol the transit system right now but this new configuration should have a better result ... >>you are getting people who are trained to know the transportation system and
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familiarize themselves with the terrain ... >>they found a way to free up $10 million to pay for these new police officers no small task given these tough financial times the cta is facing a massive budget deficit but the mayor and the commissioner and the superintendent of believe that safety on the transit system is a top priority in the city of chicago ... >>6 of the largest of lawmakers in the united states have now endorsed a proposal by the imam and ministration to set tougher fuel economy regulations. general motors, ford, chrysler on that and and die and lisahonda and hon diane and nissan will boost requirements to 54.5
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mpg by 2025 or roughly double what the standards are now the only major holdout is toyota which is still in talks with the white house ... >>going the way they track and tape decks ford plans on scrapping cd players the car companies announce that they will install u.s. seaports for digital music players instead ford plans to unveil the look in its new focus vehicles they also plan to include an entertainment hub we can access your music library via the internet that hubbard work with your i
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sounds the cricket and other rain pattern like last week >>flood watches have just been issued by my colleagues that the weather service they cake and at 4:00 p.m. and will continue over night heavy rains have flooded sections of lake and mccary counties just on the other side of wisconsin lots of rain is coming down we have a squall line coming in and with dramatic clouds riding into the area. this is the opening salvo of a rain of fire active weather pattern ... a lot like friday night and saturday where the rains sets up we will be watching it will be close to the city most likely near the northern suburbs. storms went through this morning but there's more building out to the west.
12:31 pm
it is desperately hot and humid downstate the southwest winds will pick up and blow that up towards us. a batch of storms came through the area there were spots that got 2 in. of rain and a half an hour's time. there are already radar readings to the west of us indicating more rain as a head the heaviest rain came down to the northern end of cook county this morning ... across the line in wisconsin gurney and waukegan and harvard got pretty
12:32 pm
significant accumulations of rain. temperatures are rising kankakee 92 degrees ... all of us will had quickly toward 90 degrees recharging the atmosphere with the heat and energy for this afternoon and as blockbuster stores will come through late today through this evening. we are looking at the view from harvard as a storm went through their earlier. and here is foxx lake where storms hit heavily there are heat advisory is where you see this orange area. 4:00 this
12:33 pm
afternoon through tomorrow afternoon has that heavy rain morning. n..warning.. it will stay in place into friday as well. we're watching it carefully the headline a stormy with flash flood watches. this is a record wet july. the fact that we are getting 6 in. totals with heavy downpours in some spots has thus taking
12:34 pm
notice ... there's an unlimited supply of moisture coming and giving us those heavy amounts of rain. the storms develop later this evening along the wisconsin line and they flare over and over again with another batch coming through tomorrow night and friday its settles into those southern suburbs leaving father. some areas may get between three and 6 in..
12:35 pm
we are potentially going to be very wet. a flash flood watch commences 4:00 p.m. continues tonight into tomorrow we will be at 91 degrees this afternoon the southwest wind will pick up blowing the war mayor quickly into our chicago area and the flood watch continues tonight thunderstorms will increase some can produce driving downpours the low temperature will be 72 degrees tomorrow we may get a son break but there will be clusters of storms the high temperature will be 87 degrees
12:36 pm
thunderstorms will continue late-afternoon through tomorrow into friday morning it should be 87 during the day on friday saturday and sunday look quieter partly sunny warm and humid with isolated thunder storm chances ... and now for today's trivia: about whom did abraham lincoln say so this is little lady who started the big war? the answer ahead at noon
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that they have traded edwin jackson and mark t. and to toronto for reliever jason fraser and a prospect the white sox and the tigers played last night they were down 4-2 in the sixth inning when paul konerko tied it with his second home run in two games and still tied in the eighth inning wilson drove in the game winner the sox lost 5-4 and still for and halfback the final game of the series is this afternoon ... >>the lineup for the tigers is pretty good when you face them >>the cubs are in milwaukee looking for four wins in a row the top of the first aramis ramirez had a to run homer on his 19th of the year but that
12:40 pm
was it for the cubs 2-1 in the bottom of the first when former cubs prospect casey maguey hit a two run triple the cubs went on to lose three-two and a winning streak is over at three games game 2 of the series is happening tonight ... >>palace hall is open and the bears are quickly getting back to work. some players will report to bourbonnnais today in order to collect bonuses everyone has to be there are fraught with a first practice on saturday the chicago bears every sign 26 undrafted college free agents other teams to making moves with donovan mcnaab reportedly going to the vikings and matt cassel back going to hit the titans a listed
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have more options for affordable treatment. gov. pat quinn signed legislation today that requires equal health insurance coverage for oral and injectable cancer drugs. historically chemotherapy drugs have been primarily administered intravenously today many types of chemotherapy can be taken less invasive late and tablet liquid or capsule form but many
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health care plans have not changed to ensure patient's access to world chemotherapy leading some patients facing higher out of pocket costs ... >>we want everybody and nobody left out we don't believe in wallet biopsies in the state of illinois >>illinois joins a number of states that had enacted cancer drug parity loss including indiana and iowa and minnesota the new law takes effect on january 1st >>interrupted sleep could impair your memory so far it's only been tested on lab animals stanford university researchers studied genetically engineered mice periodically stimulating their brain cells with pulses of light that minimize worker briefly and quickly return to sleep the researchers then examined how interrupted sleep affected the ability to remember objects the mice had previously seen mice subjected to a fragmented sleep show less familiarity with the architects ... >>for people of the things money
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can't buy happiness and a study shows that may not be the case researchers working with the world health organization said the depression rates are actually higher in richer countries and in low or middle- income nations high-income countries like the united states had higher rates of major depression chan had one of the lowest >>chocolate milk made with high fructose corn syrup will be off the menu at chicago public schools starting this fall kids will still be able to choose chocolate milk but killed in a nonfat low sugar version 85% of cts students come from low- income families and they depend on school meals sepias officials said that creating a healthier menu is a priority for new school chief shaun claude brizard >>dogs can learn other words and just sit and stay researchers at the university of florida said the average k-9s has the same developmental abilities as a two
12:47 pm
year-old and is capable of learning the meaning of 165 words another study found dogs can reach human body language and behavior and use it to their advantage for example dogs are more likely to beg for food from someone who is paying attention to them next on the lunch break we're making tasty food
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how to incorporate protein and a tasty way into our diets. we actually have a photograph of view before and after the weight loss >>i graduated from the university of southern california i was at my heaviest then i put all lowe bit of weight on cents what i am here to ensure everyone today it's easy to make healthy swaps in your diet with simple ingredients >>the first one is using steel cut coats instead of instant they are larger there to hear a lot of the protein is in these boatsoats.. and has a good taste the
12:51 pm
next one is a favorite use greek yogurt its fat-free instead of sour cream ... it does the exact same thing without the fat and has 14 g of protein it's a great way to have that tangy creaminess without the fat and more pertain >>here is a good rice substitution its quinoa is from south america it's an ancient grain of the incas and features on nine amino acids you don't
12:52 pm
have any empty are carbohydrates like you have in white rice it's very enjoyable and it's easy to cook it's a 11 water grain ratio:1 water to grain ratio for cooking the next is to use a got a nectaragave nectar instead of syrup or honey or sugar its organic its vegan the primary benefit is that it does not spiked your blood sugar ... you can put it
12:53 pm
on pancakes some flavored and use almond milk instead of scam or so way it is half the calories of skim milk its clerkly dance just like the nuts its sugar fleefree its excellent in coffee or serial it as a natural sweetness we make and homan to end quinoa variable at our restaurantan almond-quinoa berry bowl at the restaurant.. we have the
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and now the answer to today's trivia question: harriet beecher stowe. her book uncle tom's cabin published in the 1850's before the civil war in flame to the north and infuriated the selfd the north and infuriated the south.. we are under a flash flood watch for 4:00 p.m. until friday morning ... we will have the
12:58 pm
upper 80 lowe 90 degree temperatures ... the storms are north of the border right now the big storms that went through the northern counties in the north end of the city are still moving into northern indiana and parts of michigan right now but here's what is on the way we have the latest rain forecast we have for and 6 in. projected to be coming down on the northern counties of illinois and southern wisconsin that will come in clusters and it can park over certain regions and more coster's will pop up tomorrow into the overnight. the heat indices feel like 100 degrees in champagne and other downstate areas
12:59 pm
the heat index in chile it is 100 to end it feels like 105 degrees in kankakee ... the mold count is off the charts once again with all this moisture here is the forecast: there is a bold line of thunderstorms a big squall producing strong wind it will lure into the city later tonight followed by additional storm cells developing throughout the day tomorrow we will have more on this at 5 and 988 degrees tomorrow 87 friday and then into the '90s for the weekend with the storms that

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